What are 10 careers in geography?

What are 10 careers in geography?

What Is the Job Demand for Geographers? The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the demand for geographers will rise by 29%, which is much faster than average job growth. However, due to the small size of the field, this means that only 500 jobs will be added by 2022.

Is geography a good career?

As geography students complete higher degrees, their career opportunities expand. For example, GIS specialists can pursue roles as GIS managers. Earning a geography degree also prepares graduates for careers in nontraditional areas, including conservation, urban planning, and environmental research.

Is GIS a good career?

Yes and no. Like some other answerers have pointed out, GIS is a continually growing field, but sadly GIS education lags a decade or so behind market demand and as such GIS students are not prepared to work in the industry. … tl:dr – yes GIS is a good career choice, but not in the way universities define it.

What is the salary of a geographer?

Many geographers work full time during regular business hours, and some must travel to do fieldwork. They often travel to the region they are studying, which sometimes includes foreign countries and remote locations, to gather information and data.

What are careers in geography?

Professionals with a bachelor's in geography pursue opportunities in cartography, surveying, and other geography major careers like researcher or data analyst. With a master's degree, graduates work as geographers or in related career options in geography like survey researcher or urban planner.

Where can a geography degree take you?

If law in your location can only be studied at the graduate level, law school doesn't care what major you did as long as it's acceptable and fulfils the entry requirements of the law degree programme. In your situation, Geography is as good as any.

How employable is a geography degree?

Geography graduates are very employable, with the skills, knowledge and understanding gained during a geography degree held in high regard by employers. The nature of working lives is changing. … If your career path is to be varied, you will need transferable skills and flexibility.

What jobs can I do with a geography degree?

Geographers need at least a master's degree for most positions outside of government. Research positions usually require a master's degree or doctorate and several years of related work experience. Most geography programs offer courses in physical and human geography, statistics, remote sensing, and GIS.

Why are geographers needed in so many fields of work?

Many geographers do fieldwork to gather information and data. For example, geographers often make site visits to observe geographic features, such as the landscape and environment. Some geographers travel to the region they are studying, and sometimes that means working in foreign countries and remote locations.