Is Fabrication a good career?

Is Fabrication a good career?

Is metal fabrication/welding a good career choice? Yes. Metal fabrication and welding is ideally suited to people who like to use their hands to build and construct metal structures from engineering specifications. … These days a specialised welder can command top salaries around the world as a they are in demand.

What is a fabricator job description?

Fabricators are manufacturers of assorted products using various raw materials, tools and their own hands. Their primary responsibilities include reading and understanding assembly instructions, ensuring that the required parts are present and meeting quality control standards.

What is precision metal working?

Precision metal working programs prepare students to plan, manufacture, assemble, test, and repair parts, mechanisms, machines, and structures in which materials are cast, formed, shaped, molded, heat treated, cut, twisted, pressed, fused, stamped or worked.