How much money do matchmakers make?

How much money do matchmakers make?

Even if you're average at matching people up, you're likely looking at about $38,000 a year (source). Once you break through the ceiling into success, however, things will change. $25,000 per client is the average retainer price for a high-class matchmaker.

How much is a professional matchmaker?

Matchmaking is not cheap. Typically, matchmaking services cost between $10,000 and $50,000 per year.

How do matchmakers find clients?

Clients find Bon Jour Matchmaking Service through every type of social media including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Many clients find Bon Jour Matchmaking through Yelp, Kudzu, Google, Yahoo and Bing along with the Denver BBB.

What do you call a matchmaker?

A shadchan is a matchmaker."