How much do JAG lawyers make?

How much do JAG lawyers make?

By comparison, the average salary of a JAG officer is $65,000 per year. While military lawyers appear to earn substantially less than their civilian counterparts, the totality of the military salary, allowances and benefit package still make this a viable choice of careers.

Does the JAG program pay for law school?

Does the Air Force JAG Corps pay for law school? No. The Air Force JAG Corps currently does not offer scholarships to pay for law school. The Air Force, however, offers the Funded Legal Education Program, or FLEP, to commissioned officers on active duty.

Do JAG lawyers go to basic training?

JAG attorneys serve as judges in military courts, as well as prosecutors and defense attorneys in court-martial proceedings. Recruits must attend Officer Candidate School, similar to basic training, before they can serve in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard.

What does a JAG lawyer do?

The Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAG Corps) is the branch or specialty of a military concerned with military justice and military law. … Judge Advocates serve primarily as legal advisors to the command to which they are assigned. In this function, they can also serve as the personal legal advisor to their commander.