How long does it take to become a law professor?

How long does it take to become a law professor?

Being a law professor can be a wonderful career. Your three years in law school provide the perfect opportunity for you to determine whether being a law professor is right for you. While in law school, you will discover which legal areas interest you and whether you enjoy legal research and writing.

How much do law school professors make?

A recent study by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources states that law professors are the highest paid, with full professors averaging $145,732, associate professors earning $109,109, and new assistant professors earning $90,429.

What is it like to be a law professor?

Life as a law professor typically consists of three kinds of activities: research, teaching, and service. The main research work in law involves the publication of articles in law reviews, although many professors write books and edit casebooks as well. Law schools also require faculty to teach.