How do you become a Jungian analyst?

How do you become a Jungian analyst?

To be designated a Jungian Analyst, one must have completed and received a diploma from a post-master's degree training program at a C.G. Jung Institute accredited by the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP).

How much does Jungian analysis cost?

Q: How much do your therapists/analysts charge? A: The general price range is from $100-$150 US per session hour (however your particular therapist may offer sliding scale fees below this rate). All session fees are paid directly to the therapist.

Is Jungian analysis effective?

Results of several studies show that Jungian treatment moves patients from a level of severe symptoms to a level where one can speak of psychological health. These significant changes are reached by Jungian therapy with an average of 90 sessions, which makes Jungian psychotherapy an effective and cost-effective method.