How do I become a professional engineer in Michigan?

How do I become a professional engineer in Michigan?

To obtain a professional engineer license in Michigan, you must take and pass the FE and PE examinations. To sit for the FE and PE examinations, you must apply to NCEES at

How do I check a professional engineer’s license?

We recommend that you contact the Board's Enforcement Unit at (916) 263-2284 or [email protected] to check on the status of the license even if the status is CLEAR.

What types of professional engineers are there?

California licenses Professional Engineers in the following engineering disciplines: Agricultural, Chemical, Civil, Control System, Electrical, Fire Protection, Industrial, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Nuclear, Petroleum, and Traffic.

What is Ncees record number?

An NCEES Record is a verified compilation of information an applicant is required to submit to a state licensing board as part of the licensure application process. … The NCEES Record is accepted by all U.S. state licensing boards.