Can you grow variegated monstera from seed?

Can you grow variegated monstera from seed?

They can not be grown from seed (Variegated Albo or Thai). Regular Monstera seeds are like a green/yellow about the size of a kernel of corn.

What causes variegation in Monstera?

Chimeral variegation is the most common type of variegation. Caused by a genetic mutation, In this type of variegation, plants show two different chromosomal make-ups in a single plant, where some tissue is able to produce chlorophyll and other is not. … Variegated Monstera deliciosa is one such chimera.

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Why is variegated Monstera so expensive?

Essentially variegated plants have less surface area to photosynthesise with and produce the sugars they need for growth and repair, hence they usually need more light compared to entirely green plants and typically grow much, much slower. This is the basis of why they are currently so sought after and pricy!