Can I live in Japan if I marry a Japanese?

Can I live in Japan if I marry a Japanese?

If you are married to a Japanese national and want to live in Japan with him/her, you will need a visa for a Spouse or Child of a Japanese National. It is important that your marriage is legal in Japan. This means that you have lodged your marriage at a municipality office where you reside and it is accepted.

What happens if you marry a Japanese citizen?

If you marry you get a spouse visa known in Japanese as 配偶者 or haigusha visa. … You can just apply for a Spouse visa. To get Japanese citizenship, you must live for at least 5 years, apply for it with good Japanese skills, and go through the process.

Can Japanese have 2 citizenship?

It is generally difficult to have dual citizenship of Japan and another country, due to the provisions for loss of Japanese nationality when a Japanese national naturalizes in another country (see "Loss of citizenship" above), and the requirement to renounce one's existing citizenships when naturalizing in Japan (see " …

Is it hard to get Japanese citizenship?

Though there are numerous requirements and a lot of paperwork, Japanese citizenship isn't impossible to obtain. Just be aware, Japan does not permit dual-citizenship, therefore you will have no renounce your current nationality.

Can I get a Japanese passport?

Once you are a Japanese national, there is no need for a Resident Card, or a “minashi” Resident Card (Certificate of Alien Registration). … You may obtain a Japanese passport and may go in and out of Japan freely.

Is Japan a good place to live?

Low crime rate – Japan is a very safe country. You can walk down a sketchy alley in the middle of the night and still feel 100% safe. … Relatively low cost of living – I've found that if you live in a mid-size city in Japan, then the cost of living is far cheaper than in America.