Where does the term ratchet come from?

Where does the term ratchet come from?

Ratchet is a slang term in hip hop. The word ratchet first appeared in publication in 1992, with the song "I'm So Bad" by UGK. In 2004, a new version of the song featuring Lil' Boosie was recorded. … The word has evolved to have many different meanings, and it can have either a positive or negative connotation.

What is a ratchet used for?

A ratchet is a mechanical device that allows continuous linear or rotary motion in only one direction while preventing motion in the opposite direction. Ratchets are widely used in machinery and tools. The word ratchet is also used informally to refer to a ratcheting socket wrench.

How does a ratchet work?

A mechanism in the ratchet allows the handle to engage and tighten a fastener when you swing it in a clockwise direction but turn freely when you swing it counterclockwise. A switch on the ratchet reverses the actions to loosen fasteners.

When did ratchet become a thing?

The first appearance of ratchet in a published song was in 1999, when Anthony Mandigo released “Do the Ratchet” on his Ratchet Fight in the Ghetto album. “Mandigo introduced me to the word, He got it from his grandmother,” remembers Angela Nichols, who goes by Angie Locc and rapped on the track.