Where do we use among and between?

Where do we use among and between?

Among means in 'the middle of or surrounded by other things.' It is used for groups or a mass of at least three. We see the people or things as part of a group. Amongst has the same meaning, but is more formal.

Can Among be used for two?

There's a common and oddly persistent belief that between should be used only when there are two elements, and among should be used when there are more than two elements. But this rule is a myth—or, to be more charitable, it's a great oversimplification.

What is the difference between which and that?

To start with, we use “that” when we refer to people, animals, and things. We use “which” when we refer to animals and things. However, the main difference between both depends on the clause. … If the clause is restrictive, you need to use the relative pronoun that, without it, the meaning would be unclear.