What is the meaning of Centre and center?

What is the meaning of Centre and center?

Center is the preferred spelling in American English, and centre is preferred in varieties of English from outside the U.S. Some people do make distinctions between the words. For instance, some prefer to treat center as the word for a place or institution and centre as the word for the middle point of something.

Do Australians Say Center Center?

for "center." When spelling it in the British style, we are to also to write "centred" and "centring." So Canadians would have to be self-consciously British to spell it "centre." While English spelling is chaotic and inconsistent, we would be worse off with phonetic spelling.

How is center Spelt?

The spelling of these two words is different depending on it's meaning. If it is referring to the middle of something, such as the middle of a circle or in fact any shape, then the spelling is CENTER. … If the word is referring to an organisation or a building, then it's spelt as "CENTRE".

How do you spell Centre in Canada?

Nowadays, center is the spelling in American English; centre is preferred in Canadian, British, Indian, and Australian English.