What is the longest car journey?

What is the longest car journey?

As of 16 July 2014, the longest driven journey is 692,227 km (430,130 miles) and was achieved by Emil and Liliana Schmid (Switzerland) who travelled across 180 countries in the same Toyota Land Cruiser in a journey that started on 18 October 1984 and is still ongoing.

What the furthest a golf ball has been hit?

Austin drew back and unleashed a blast that flew more than 400 yards, bounced in front of the green and came to rest 65 yards beyond the flag-stick. That shot set the Guinness world record as the longest drive ever recorded in a PGA tournament: 515 yards."

What is the superlative of far?

Use the adverb far to mean "distant," "remote," or "at a geat distance away." … Far is used as both an adverb and an adjective, and it can mean both "distant in space," but also "distant in time," and "a lot."