What is the difference between secretion and excretion in the kidney?

What is the difference between secretion and excretion in the kidney?

Both of these words refer to the production of biological substances by the body. The main difference is that the products of excretion are waste, like feces or urine. The products of secretion perform other functions for the body, like lubrication, protection, or cleaning.

What is the basic difference between waste products and excretory products?

Secretion is mainly a process of sending out or eliminating the unwanted materials from the body. The excretion removes the waste from the body that is it removes the waste materials out from the body. The secretion is mainly meant for the movement of materials from one point to another point in the body.

What is secretion in biology?

Secretion, in biology, production and release of a useful substance by a gland or cell; also, the substance produced. In addition to the enzymes and hormones that facilitate and regulate complex biochemical processes, body tissues also secrete a variety of substances that provide lubrication and moisture.

Is sweat an excretion?

Sweat glands in the skin secrete a fluid waste called sweat or perspiration; however, its primary functions are temperature control and pheromone release. Therefore, its role as a part of the excretory system is minimal. Sweating also maintains the level of salt in the body.