What is an inspiring person?

What is an inspiring person?

An inspiring person has two core beliefs. They believe in themselves and they believe in others. Behind those two beliefs is a lot of hard work. When they speak of their ambitions, it is with great passion, optimism and enthusiasm. When backed into a corner, the inspiring person will find a way out of the situation.

What part of speech is inspirational?

affecting, emotional, impactful, impressive, moving, stirring, touching. Words Related to poignant. eloquent, expressive, meaningful, significant. demonstrative, excitable, feeling, passionate, responsive, sensitive.

What is another word for role model?

embodiment, epitome, incarnation, manifestation, personification, phantom, pink. beau ideal, classic, eidolon, exemplar, idea, ideal, model, nonesuch, nonpareil, paragon, patron saint. archetype, example, mirror, paradigm, pattern. guideline, principle, rule.

What is the synonym of admirable?

applaudable, commendable, creditable, estimable, laudable, meritorious, praiseworthy. Words Related to admirable. deserving, worthy. awesome, distinctive, distinguished, excellent, heady, honorable, impressive, noteworthy, noticeable, outstanding, redoubtable, reputable, respectable.