What does sk8 mean sexually?

What does sk8 mean sexually?

Couples Skate – Urban Dictionary. A sexual act of covering a female partner in cooking oil (corn, vegetable, Alternatively a strap-on can be used to achieve a simultaneous penetration of both www.urbandictionary.com • Found on Google. Skateboard | Definition of Skateboard at Dictionary.com.

What does 99 mean on Grindr?

99 means "Parent stopped watching" So now you know – 99 means "Parent stopped watching" – don't thank us.

What does Gen mean sexually?

Gen is a label for a fanwork that contains no romantic or sexual content, either het (heterosexual) or slash (homosexual). The term comes from "general audiences", the MPAA term for a child-safe film. Liberal fans often see the definition of gen as having 'no slash' [between men or between women] as homophobic.

What does FB mean on Grindr?

FB is like an ongoing one-night stand or booty call. You only talk to that person when you call them for sex. It's literally just sex. One-night stand is just one night of sex and no more. FWB is a friend, or a person you talk to and sometimes hang out with outside of sex, but who you also have sex with.

What does BNB mean sexually?

What Does BB Mean? BB usually means "Baby" when texted or used in chat forums. In this context, BB is mostly used by girls. In a sexual context, BB means "Barebacking" (i.e., sex without a condom).

What does GH mean on Grindr?

gh : good half. ghei : Gay. ghey : gay. glln : Got Laid Last Night.