What does lacks candor mean?

What does lacks candor mean?

A lack of candor specifically implies dishonesty by omission… It means that you said nothing when you should have said something. To be more to the point, candor is the quality of being forthcoming, more so than it is being honest.

What is a candid person?

When someone offers a candid opinion, that person is not hiding behind any kind of mask or façade–a candid person is open and honest. The related noun candor means "frankness or honesty." Candid is related to forthright and ingenuous. If you are candid, you speak openly without reservation.

What is a sentence for candor?

the state or quality of being frank, open, and sincere in speech or expression. Examples of Candor in a sentence. 1. Because the realtor was an honest woman, she replied with candor about the damage to the house. ?

Why do the candor wear black and white?

Candor is one of the five factions in the world of Divergent, and was formed by those who blamed duplicity and deception for human nature's faults. Because of this, the Candor are known to value honesty, and their symbol is a set of unbalanced scales bound by a circle. … Its faction colors are black and white.

What is manipulative insincerity?

Manipulatively Insincere praise is given not because it is genuine, but for another motive or agenda. Here's a story about how realizing you have been Obnoxiously Aggressive can lead to a worse place, Manipulative Insincerity — a not uncommon path.

What is ruinous empathy?

It's not a bad impulse to protect people's feelings, but it's a short-lived protection. You need to rise above your empathy and realize that it's your own feelings you are protecting, not theirs.” To get past ruinous empathy, leaders must recognize that indulging near-term empathy ignores long term implications.

What is candor in business?

January 03, 2018. Candor is defined as the quality of being open, honest, and sincere. Many people feel this is the opposite of their workplace. In a Harvard Business Review poll, 100% of those surveyed used words such as “cloudy” and “opaque” to describe the culture of their organizations.

What do you mean by frankness?

Use frankness in a sentence. noun. Frankness is defined as the quality of being open and honest. An example of frankness is telling the truth, even when it is painful to do so.