Is too the same as also?

Is too the same as also?

In conversation both words, too and also, are used interchangeably with the sense of “in addition”: Our friends went too. In such a sentence the too at the end is felt to be more natural than the also. … The word also can have the meaning “in the same manner as something else.”

Are also and too interchangeable?

Yes, both are similar; they are used in sentences or phrases to give the sense of 'in addition' and are sometimes interchangeable. There are, however, many times when these two adverbs should be used differently, which means that 'too' cannot replace 'also' and vice versa.

Is you as well grammatically correct?

Saying “good” is actually grammatically correct if you're not directly referring to your health. When someone asks how you are, it's grammatically correct to say good. Responding with “well” means that you aren't sick. “Good,” on the other hand, means you're in good cheer and life is full of puppies and rainbows.