Is minute and minute spelled the same?

Is minute and minute spelled the same?

Minute and minute are spelled the same way, yet are pronounced differently to give different meanings. Minute, with stress on the first syllable, a short vowel i and kind of a schwa vowel i sound where the u is, is the one that can be sixty seconds, or just a short amount of time.

What does Mynute mean?

Minutus is the Latin word for "small," and it gave rise to both the adjective minute (my-NOOT), or incredibly small, and the noun minute (MIN-it), or 60 seconds of time. … An object can be minute, like a flea compared with its dog, and less concrete things can be minute, like your minute chance of winning the lottery.

Is minute another word for small?

minute. microscopic, diminutive, wee, tiny, atomic, miniature, puny, infinitesimal, inframicroscopic, microbic, molecular, exact, precise, pulverized, fine, exiguous, inconsiderable, teeny*, weeny*, teensy*, peewee*, itsy*, itsy-bitsy*, invisible*; see also little 1.

How do you spell Minuit?

How Do You Spell MINUIT? Correct spelling for the English word "minuit" is [mˈɪnjuːˌɪt], [mˈɪnjuːˌɪt], [m_ˈɪ_n_j_uː_ˌɪ_t]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).