How many billionaires are in the UK?

How many billionaires are in the UK?

Knight Frank’s Wealth Report

Rank Country/Territory Number of billionaires
4 India 119
5 Russia 101
6 Hong Kong 64
7 United Kingdom 54

Does the UK have the most billionaires?

There are 171 billionaires in the UK, 24 more than a year ago, according to an annual ranking compiled by the Sunday Times. It was the highest number in the 33 years of the newspaper’s rich list, as the combined wealth of billionaires in Britain grew by more than one-fifth.

How many billionaires are there in the UK in 2021?

More from UK Despite being a year in which tens of thousands lost jobs due to the COVID downturn, a record 24 new billionaires appear in the Sunday Times Rich List – 171 in total. The combined wealth of all the billionaires is £597.269 billion, up £106.582 billion, or 21.7%.

How much are UK billionaires worth?

2017 British billionaires list by Forbes magazine

World rank Name Net worth (USD)
18 Jim Ratcliffe 32.0 billion
64 Hinduja family 19.8 billion
65 David and Simon Reuben 15.3 billion
250 Ian and Richard Livingstone 5.8 billion

Who is the richest family in Britain?

Sir Leonard Blavatnik and wife Emily Appelson at the Grammy Awards in 2018. Sir Leonard Blavatnik has topped the latest Sunday Times Rich List, having seen his fortune swell to £23bn.

Who is the most powerful family in UK?

Here are the richest families in the UK and the information about how they made all their money!

  • The Dyson Family. Net Worth: £4,2 billion.
  • The Reuben Family. Net Worth: £15,3 billion.
  • The Ratcliffe Family. Net Worth: £9 billion.
  • The Livingstone Family.
  • The Lewis Family.
  • The Schroder Family.
  • The Barclay Family.
  • The Platt Family.