How far is Silverwood from Spokane?

How far is Silverwood from Spokane?

38 miles

How much does it cost to get into Silverwood Theme Park?


Gate 1-Day Admission 2-Day Admission
Regular Ages 8-64 $48.00 $76.00
Youth Ages 3-7 $25.00 $38.00
Senior Ages 65+ $25.00 $38.00
Hero Discount Police, Fire, Military $42.00

Does Costco have Silverwood tickets?

Silverwood Costco Discount Tickets – It sounds like Costco will not be selling the discount Silverwood Tickets that they used to carry in previous years. Plan your trip around Special Discount Days – Silverwood offers a variety of promotions throughout the season.

How far is Coeur D Alene from Silverwood?

25 miles

Does Costco sell Silverwood tickets?

Do you need to bring towels to Silverwood?

Yes! over a year ago. Yes, but they do have beach towels to purchase for about $15 as well. over a year ago.

Can you bring snacks into Silverwood?

You may bring in a soft-sided cooler with small snacks or personal lunch into the park. Factory sealed, non-alcoholic drinks are allowed.

Does Silverwood do military discount?

Active duty, VETERANS, retired military, AND their immediate family members can get buy up to six tickets to Silverwood for the military and veteran discount price of $42 each! when purchasing tickets at Silverwood’s front gate! For information call (208) 683-3400.

Who is Gary Norton?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – The former mayor of East Cleveland, Gary Norton, now faces federal charges of obstructing justice in a fraud and bribery case. Norton was a defendant in the fraud and bribery case the FBI began in May of 2017, according to court documents obtained by 19 News investigators.

Does Idaho have an amusement park?

There aren’t many amusement parks or theme parks in Idaho. If you want to get your fix of high-thrill roller coasters and high-profile themed attractions, you’d have to head to other states. Park-happy California, for example, offers Six Flags Magic Mountain and Universal Studios Hollywood.

What is the largest theme park in the world?

Walt Disney World