BLACKVIEW BV9000 PRO Review: The PreSale is On & Available With A Great Discount

he new BLACKVIEW BV9000 PRO smartphone is rocking the market with its bigger screen size, processor, operating system, processor and other specifications. We are here to provide you the best firsthand information about the smartphone. Our main aim is to ensure that you grab the best handset that fits your needs and budgets

With excellent flagships from Blackview, our attention cannot get diverted on any other handset floating in the market. Choosing the right smartphone has never been easy. But the exceptional range of Blackview with its affordable pricing strategy is helping us to ease our search.

The Blackview BV9000 Pro is a rugged smartphone with the dual rear camera and this is the only rugged smartphone having the dual rear camera. This is something new and fresh into the market. Without any delay let’s take a look at the more features of this smartphone:

Blackview BV9000 Pro: Build Quality & Design

The Blackview has a series of rugged smartphone and must say that they are the best-rugged smartphone makers. The handsets are amazing and well-performed in terms of quality. This time Blackview is offering what is missing a lot of time, Dual Camera. The Blackview BV9000 Pro having the dual rear camera with the rugged design. The BV9000 Pro is protected with the Dust, waterproof and shockproof certified IP68.

Blackview BV9000 Pro: Display

The smartphone has just the right screen size with 5.7 inches. It is easy for you to make a single hand usage of the smartphone for watching videos, playing games and, playing games and using other important features of it. Although, maximum of the smartphone users are currently inclined towards 6-7 inch phablets, yet the potential scope is better for something which lies in the middle of 5.5 -6-inch screen size.With the screen resolution of 144 X 720, the BLACKVIEW BV9000 PRO phone is a complete kit. The colorful panel offers dynamic display which is impressive and satisfactory. The BV9000 Pro is a rugged smartphone that’s why the display is protected by the Gorilla Glass. It can easily take a damage from the nominal hight and work perfectly.

Blackview BV9000 Pro: Operating System

Android has already won over all the other operating platforms. And this smartphone is blessed with Nougat 7 as the operating system. So if you want to get acquainted with the hottest apps on play store and fill your device with timely software updates, nougat 7 is the best version for it.

Blackview BV9000 Pro: Processor

The power of virtual games with augmented reality is now made possible with the Octa-Core processor and commendable memory. With CPU model of MTK 6757CD, you won’t have to think twice before downloading any kind of game in it. The internals of the phone is giving a tough competition to the other Smartphone manufacturers. A high-quality processor translates things to work faster. It gives quicker photo editing and smoother gameplay.

Blackview BV9000 Pro: Memory

The worst is to settle for a phone that has lower internal space. Despite your Limited budget, at least 64 GB memory is something that is a must. However, the BLACKVIEW BV9000 PRO smartphone gives you a whopping 128GB of ROM with 6GB of RAM. Imagine the superfast workability it has. It’s quite rare to find smartphones with 4 GB RAM. However, Blackview can be categorized as an ultra-premium phone with such an enormous flagship.

If you still need space to store your data the ROM can be expanded with the help of the external memory card. The BV9000 Pro has the extra memory card slot to increase the memory.

Blackview BV9000 Pro: Camera

We have arrived at a point where smartphone camera must be evolutionary. The most important specification of any smartphone is its primary Shooter. Currently, maximum of the smart phones are bragging at least 12 megapixels of camera despite lower amount of features and price structure.

BLACKVIEW BV9000 PRO smartphone has a 13 megapixel and complimentary 5.0 MP camera back camera and 8 megapixel front Shooter. It supports flashlight and HD shooting. The aperture, speed and image quality are good enough to give a thumbs up to this handset. The better quality camera of the phone directly talks about the artificial intelligence embedded in the model. What is more impressive about the smartphone is its low light performance with wide aperture. The advanced HDR Technology mars competitors at a single shot.

Blackview BV9000 Pro: Battery

Amongst several other factors, the battery life of the phone determines how well your phone is going to perform with all the specifications intact. Since you want something durable to use these features, we are at least expecting 3000 MaH battery power in the device. However, this particular model again surpasses the Expectations with the whooping 4180 MaH battery power.

The non-removable battery uses a data cable and charger that comes free with the smartphone. The longer battery ensures that your phone doesn’t get switched off in the middle of nowhere. The first sign of having a reliable smartphone is having a good battery backup. The fast charging feature doesn’t require you to stay away from your phone for long hours. Just plug it for one hour and watch how quickly the battery level soars.

Blackview BV9000 Pro: Pricing & Availablity

Blackview has tried hard to break up the cost of the smartphone despite keeping the features upgraded. The PreSale of the handset is started on the Efox-Shop at €269.99. you get a discount of €69 in the entire deal.